General Cable

Video in 3D

General Cable, a leader in cable production worldwide company asked us to create a video for the launch of their new corporate website across Europe.


The project was entirely conceived and designed by haiku media from the clients needs and after the study of the company. The objectives from the outset were: to produce an innovative and modern video, not forgetting to highlight the strengths of the new website. It was to achieve a good image quality with dynamic and animated content, without forgetting the technical concepts and make known simply new features and innovations that incorporates its web.


A video with 3D animations, where the technical features alternate with simple and descriptive texts. We are located in Europe through real and extraordinary NASA images that transport us to a glassed in Barcelona headquarters offices. In them we see the digital characters that show the new web come to life. It also reveal its features by an interactive video. The video as a whole shows a site where searches are more accurate and simple, designed especially for the user / client.

 To see the video click here